Medicare rebates for TMS for Depression

Recently, Medicare rebates have become available for TMS, for those with depression who have not responded to antidepressant medications or psychotherapy. Medicare rebates reduce out of pocket costs and can benefit thousands of Australians each year needing access to alternative care for treatment-resistant depression.

TMS for depression

A comfortable and medication free option with long-term effects

To help those with depression, neurocare clinics use a type of neuromodulation therapy called TMS (also called rTMS). It stands for repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation. neurocare’s holistic approach combines TMS with psychotherapy – or talk therapy – to get your brain firing and rewiring faster.

With non-invasive equipment, we use magnetic signals to stimulate the area of the brain that determines our mood. That magnetic stimulation encourages the brain cells to naturally release the chemicals necessary to properly regulate our mood.

Sessions are held at least twice per week and antidepressant effects may be noticed with the first 5 sessions. Up to 20 – 30 sessions are usually needed to consolidate the antidepressant effects. A full course of treatment can be completed within 1 -2 months. This makes TMS a fast-working treatment program for patients looking for an alternative for medications. A neurocare, TMS sessions are booked as one hour appointments and may also include Psychotherapy with a dedicated mental health professional.

TMS, combined with psychotherapy, is recommended for people who have not gained any results from medication to treat their depression. Studies show that after an average of 20 TMS sessions, depressive symptoms decreased for the long-term in 66% of patients.

Advantages of outpatient TMS for depression


TMS Therapy is focused on the areas of the brain that control mood so it does not negatively affect thinking and memory functions, or any other normal brain functions.


During TMS Therapy, there is no need for sedation or anesthesia; patients are awake, alert and are able to resume normal activities after a treatment session. We administer TMS in a convenient outpatient setting, so there is no hospitalisation needed.

No side effects

TMS is 100% free of medication side effects. Unlike traditional antidepressant medications, TMS Therapy does not cause weight gain, sexual dysfunction, nausea, fatigue or negative cognitive effects.


An average of 20 sessions is typically needed, with sessions held at least twice per week. After a course of TMS Therapy, most patients enjoy long-lasting benefits.


TMS Therapy uses magnetic energy to stimulate brain cells which helps them to naturally release needed chemicals necessary for proper mood regulation.

Scientifically Proven

We only apply protocols which have shown the latest clinical efficacy. By combining TMS with Psychotherapy, studies show this is effective in 66% of the population who suffer Depression.

Patients have a higher chance achieving remission from depression with our combined approach

TMS for Depression
Antidepressant Medications

37% remission rate

49% response rate

TMS for Depression
TMS monotherapy

37% remission rate

58% response rate

TMS for Depression
Psychotherapy (Talk-therapy)

43% remission rate

48% response rate

TMS for Depression
TMS and Psychotherapy

56% remission rate

66% response rate

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