Telehealth Programs & Services

Telehealth Programs & Services

Online Cognitive Training

The neuroCare team are now integrating My Brain Training, a scientifically proven App-based training program which can integrate with your neuromodulation or psychotherapy program.

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Telehealth Programs & Services

Home tDCS Programs

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) is an evidence-based neurostimulation therapy which can be delivered at home on a portable device. tDCS may offer positive effects in Depression and Pain management. An initial assessment is necessary to determine suitability for tDCS.

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Telehealth Programs & Services


Neurofeedback is an evidence-based brain training therapy to help ADHD and Sleep Disorders. Tele-Neurofeedback is an option for clients who live far away from the clinic or who are in self-isolation. An initial assessment is required to determine suitability and to personalise the program.

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Telehealth Programs & Services

Home Auditory Training Program™

Auditory Training ProgramTM uses electronically modified music and language to stimulate the auditory pathways and enhance auditory neural plasticity to assist and improve auditory processing abilities. Auditory Problems are found to co-exist with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Communication Disorders and Specific Learning Disorders.

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Telehealth FAQs

  • Will I get a Medicare rebate on my Telehealth session?
  • What do I need to consider to engage in Telehealth?
  • How does Tele-Neurofeedback work? Can this be done entirely from home?
Will I get a Medicare rebate on my Telehealth session?

From 31 March 2021, The Medicare Benefits Scheme will no longer continue to support Telehealth services.

For more information please see the MBS Factsheet.

What do I need to consider to engage in Telehealth?

Confidentiality and Privacy considerations, including appropriate environments to engage in Telehealth, need to be considered with you and your therapist to determine suitability for telehealth delivery.

We use teleconferencing technology endorsed by the APS (Australian Psychological Society) to deliver our telehealth services.

This is a simple process and our Client Services team can support you with instructions.

How does Tele-Neurofeedback work? Can this be done entirely from home?

Yes, Tele-Neurofeedback is an entirely remote program and is an option for clients who have completed an onboarding process, where a personalised program has been recommended.

Clinical intake can be conducted via phone conference.

Typically, a QEEG Brain Mapping Assessment would be required to provide you with a personalised program.

After a personalised Neurofeedback program has been recommended, the client and their caregiver/ partner / friend will need to be instructed to set up the equipment and deliver the therapy from home.

Tele-neurofeedback sessions are delivered in real-time with your clinician via the internet.

Want to learn more about this program or our assessments?

Please write to us below, briefly telling us about your situation and how you think we may be able to help.

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