Professional Training

For Psychiatrists and other professionals treating Depressive Disorders

2-Day TMS Workshops

neuroCare hosts 2-day workshops on repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) for the treatment of Depression and oCD in both clinical and research settings. The course covers the use of EEG and QEEG to predict and optimise treatment outcomes. Participants receive hands-on practice with TMS devices.

Workshop November 10 – 11, 2018
For Psychologists and Child Development Professionals working with ADHD

4-Day Neurofeedback Course (BCIA)

neuroCare hosts 4-Day neurofeedback courses which are BCIA accredited and held in several locations worldwide, including Sydney. This course covers a range of neurofeedback protocols (e.g. SMR, Theta/Beta, SCP) as well as the role of QEEG in personalising neurofeedback treatment. Participants receive hands-on practice with various neurofeedback devices.

Workshop October 1 – 4, 2018
For Mental Healthcare Professionals and Researchers of Depressive Disorders and rehabilitation

1-Day tDCS Workshop

neuroCademy hosts 1-day workshops on applications of transcranial Direct Current Stimulation. The theoretical foundations of tDCS and evidence-based applications are presented in this workshop.

Workshop July 21, 2018 – BOOKED OUT
For Psychologists and Child Development Professionals working with ADHD

2-Day SCP Neurofeedback Workshop

neuroCademy hosts 2-day workshops on the protocol of Slow Cortical Potentials (SCP) neurofeedback for the treatment of ADHD and sleep problems. Participants gain hands-on experience with research grade devices and learn how to correct for eye- and muscle-movement artefacts for correct application.

Workshop October 27 – 28, 2018

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