Professional Training

neuroCademy is the Science and Training division of the neuroCare Group. neuroCademy runs professional training workshops in TMS, tDCS and Neurofeedback. Learn from world-leading experts followign the latest standards in correct technical delivery.

neuroCademy runs workshops in Sydney and Melbourne as well as in The Netherlands and Germany.

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Quality Training and Support

Our people are trained by a global team of researchers and practitioners with extensive experience and insight in the field, backed by the latest scientific evidence in the applications of neuromodulation.

Evidence-based protocols

Therapies promoted in each course have demonstrated efficacy in clinical practice and research.

Leading Technologies

We only demonstrate stimulation and neuromodulation devices which have been trialed and tested by the scientific studies. We make no compromise on the quality of our assessment and therapy technologies.

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Personalising Mental Healthcare since 2001, using state-of-the-art neuromodulation to help children, adults and their families achieve lasting mental wellness.

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