Professional Training & Partnerships

The neurocare group is a global network of scientists, researchers and clinicians practising and sharing knowledge of evidence-based applications of neuromodulation.

The neurocare Academy brings leading expert knowledge to healthcare professionals in Australia.  We offer a range of training programs in neuromodulation for mental health professionals.

Professional Training and Partnerships

Learn to apply rTMS following best-practice with neurocare academy

Now RANZCP accredited*

The highly effective antidepressant treatment Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is now listed on the Medicare Benefits Schedule.

This will benefit thousands of Australians each year needing access to more acute care for treatment-resistant depression and is recognition from the government of the viability and efficacy of TMS therapy, an already widely rebated and proven neurostimulation method globally.  Click here to learn more about the announcement from Medicare.

* It is a RANZCP requirement that all TMS courses are be endorsed by the college.

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rTMS Course for healthcare professionals in Australia

For psychiatrists and other health care providers interested in becoming providers of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS), we offer a two-part course comprising of knowledge assessment, a hands-on skills workshop, and a final evaluation of competency. Upon completion of the course, participants will possess the theoretical knowledge and practical experience required for certification.

Our clinic is recognised as an accredited International Standards Organisation (ISO) provider of outpatient rTMS services and all course or workshop participants will receive a certificate acknowledging their time spend towards Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

The rTMS Certification Course is intended for:

  • Psychiatrists
  • General Practitioners*
  • Nurses*
  • Psychologists, Clinical Psychologists, Neuropsychologists*
  • Students and Researchers in a related field*

* rTMS can be administered by a trained healthcare professional under the supervision of a Psychiatrist.  Please see the RANZCP guidelines for rTMS practice within Australia.

  • Part I. Theory (Online)
  • Part II. Practical (Sydney or Melbourne)
Part I. Theory (Online)

The course begins with a didactic curriculum of videos and readings covering the fundamentals of rTMS, delivered wholly online using our purpose-built e-Learning system. Participants learn at their own pace from skilled technicians, world-renowned researchers, and experienced clinicians. Multiple choice tests at the end of each module help guide participants’ study and learning. Upon successful completion of this component, participants will have adequate knowledge of:

  • Key rTMS theory
  • rTMS Safety
  • Ethical use of rTMS
  • rTMS Case Studies
  • Personalisation and Optimisation of rTMS

*We also recommend the online theoretical course to learn if rTMS is the right for your practice, before committing to practical training or a device purchase.

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Part II. Practical (Sydney or Melbourne)

The course continues with an in-person practical training workshop held throughout the year at our training sites in Sydney and Melbourne*. This hands-on workshop provides the opportunity to observe the core techniques of rTMS performed by a skilled technician, and practice these techniques under the supervision of a skilled technician. All training is completed on devices approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. During the workshop, participants will receive practical instruction, the opportunity for practice, and performance feedback in:

  • Basic device operation and setting parameters for stimulation
  • Proper coil handling
  • Identification of stimulation locations
  • Assessment of motor thresholds

*Onsite training with your team can be arranged by request.

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Professional Training and Partnerships

An Introduction to tDCS

tDCS (transcranial Direct Current Stimulation) is a portable and affordable neurostimulation option with a growing evidence-base. It can be delivered in Psychiatric practice and there are TGA approved devices available for clinical use in Australia. neuroCare in Australia recommends attending the online ‘An Introduction to tDCS’ theoretical course followed by a hands-on training workshop, held throughout the year in Sydney and Melbourne.
Online course

Practical workshop dates
Professional Training and Partnerships

Neurofeedback in ADHD & Insomnia

neuroCare Group is a leading training and technology provider of Neurofeedback and advises professionals in the use of three evidence-based protocols: Sensori Motor Rhythm, Theta/Beta training and Slow Cortical Potentials Neurofeedback. All theory and clinical case studies can be accessed via our online course. We then recommend professionals attend a hands-on training workshop in Sydney or Melbourne. This course follows the BCIA 36-hour didactic blueprint.

Online course

Practical workshop dates

We have opportunities for third-party clinics partnering with neurocare science, technology and clinical know-how, to benefit your existing practice or start-up new locations. Speak to our Solutions division about training, technologies & licensee opportunities.

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We integrate leading research, digital therapeutics, physical devices, clinics, and professional education to offer the most comprehensive mental health solutions to patients, therapists and the research community.

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