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4-Day Neurofeedback Course (BCIA)- 01 – 04 OCT 2018

4-Day Neurofeedback Course (BCIA)- 01 – 04 OCT 2018


Dr. Martijn Arns, Dr Trevor Brown and Dr Mark Ryan present theory and hands-on demonstration of Neurofeedback as a therapy for ADHD and INsomnia. A further component of the 4-day Course is to present an overview of QEEG and Sleep (Actigraphy) diagnostics as a way to better personalise the Neurofeedback protocol.  Click here for further course details and other dates >

Date: 01 – 04 October 2018 (Monday – Thursday, 9am – 5.30pm)

Location: Level 19, 56 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000 (neuroCare Group Head Office)

Lunch, Refreshments and Reading Materials Provided.

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Product Description

This 4-day course is designed for practitioners, therapists or researchers interested in applying evidence-based applications of Neurofeedback. Leading researcher Dr Martijn Arns, visits Australia to present the latest research and evidence for Neurofeedback as a therapy tool for ADHD and sleep problems, focusing on the importance of QEEG in personalising therapy programs and discussing relevant theory. This course offers dedicated hands-on training with different neurofeedback technologies so that the participant can feel ready to integrate this technique into their own daily practice.

This training course is based on the international 36-hours didactic neurofeedback blueprint from The Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA, Board Certified in Neurofeedback).

hands-on training

evidence-based protocols

sufficient theoretical knowledge

state-of-the-art device demonstrations

practical tips for practice


4-Day Neurofeedback Course (BCIA)- 01 – 04 OCT 2018
Chief Scientific Officer, neuroCare Group

Dr. Martijn Arns

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4-Day Neurofeedback Course (BCIA)- 01 – 04 OCT 2018
Trainer & Neuroscientist

Dr. Trevor Brown

B.A. Hons, PhD, QEEGD

4-Day Neurofeedback Course (BCIA)- 01 – 04 OCT 2018
Trainer & Pscyhiatrist

Dr. Mark Ryan


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