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2-Day TMS Workshop for Professionals – 10 – 11 NOV 2018


Dr. Trevor Brown and Dr. Mark Ryan present theory and hands-on demonstration of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation combined with Psychotherapy for the treatment of Depression and OCD

Saturday 10 November – Sunday 11 Novembver, 2018

neuroCare Group Pty Ltd.
Level 19, 56 Pitt St
(Royal Exchange Building)
Sydney NSW 2000

Lunch, Refreshments and Reading Materials Provided

Product Description

This 2-day Hands-On Training Workshop covers:

  • the use and theoretical background of TMS to treatment Major Depression in clinical practice
  • hands-on demonstration of TMS devices
  • TMS intake and delivery protocols
  • assuring safe delivery of TMS through the use of QEEG
  • the prediction of treatment outcomes and markers of response and non-response to TMS
  • introducton to Neuro-Cardiac Guided TMS (NCG-TMS)
  • overview of comparable neuromodulation techniques such as tDCS, tACS, tRNS
  • suited to professionals with limited understanding of neuromodulation
  • supervised by industry experienced scientists and practitioner, Dr. Trevor Brown and Dr. Mark Ryan

This TMS workshop covers the essential theory and delivery protocols required for professionals to get started in their own clinical setting, with hands-on demonstration and practice with a range of TMS technologies.

Participants will learn the latest application and advancements in this emerging technique, with a focus on how to optimize and predict treatment outcomes for Depressive Disorders, including Treatment Resistant Depression.

We also introduce Neuro-Cardiac-Guided TMS, the latest innovation in this increasingly sought-after therapy for Major Depressive Disorder.


Trainer & Pscyhiatrist

Dr. Mark Ryan


Trainer & Neuroscientist

Dr. Trevor Brown

B.A. Hons, PhD, QEEGD

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