Our personalised approach to mental healthcare

With a 3 step assessment process, we address the underlying cause of symptoms which allow us to optimize programs to the individual

Our Approach
Our Approach
Our Approach

Our Approach

Actigraphy Sleep Assessments

Sleep plays a big role in our mental health, which is why we conduct an “Actigraphy” assessment to measure factors which may impact sleep efficiency. Our research and clinical experience shows that a client is more likely to respond to their treatment if an underlying sleep problem has also been addressed.

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Our Approach

QEEG (Brain Mapping) Assessments

A Quantitative EEG assessment is a type of “brain mapping” which allows our practitioners to more accurately assess brain functions to address symptoms of mental disturbances. The results of the QEEG allow us to find a treatment most likely to be effective to treat ADHD, Depression, OCD or sleeping problems.

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Our Approach

Neuromodulation Programs

These programs are suited to patients who do not respond to mainstream interventions, such as medications, for ADHD, Depression, OCD, Sleep Problems and other correlated symptoms.

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Our Approach

Cognitive & Educational Testing

A cognitive and educational assessment is a comprehensive individual assessment for children, adolesents and adults that involves gathering information from parents / family / caregivers, and/or teachers on academic performance and collaborating this information with an individual’s performance on a standardised I.Q. assessment and an assessment of academic achievement.

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neuroCare is innovating mental health and performance by personalising therapy following a detailed assessment. neuroCare’s objective, measurable and effective approach is based on our natural ability to learn (neuroplasticity) and technology to accelerate the learning (neuromodulation).

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