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neuroCare Clinics Australia is offering a free trial account of My Brain Training to support clients and their families in self-isolation. See details below.

My Brain Training

A home-based program to support cognitive functions, supervised by neuroCare’s trained Psychology and Cognitive Performance experts

My Brain Training

1. Tele-Assessment

Together with your therapist, a specialised MyBrainTraining program will be developed and personalised for you to form the baseline of your problem-solving, logic, vision and memory skills.
My Brain Training

2. Training Plan

Your coach or therapist will monitor your program online and offer tele-coaching to provide feedback and support your progress.
My Brain Training

3. Exercise

By completing your tailored online program on a daily basis, you will be training your brain to improve in several cognitive areas. Gain regular informative feedback on your progress through the user-portal.
My Brain Training

Activate and Enhance your Cognitive Performance from Home

My Brain Training is a scientifically proven App-based training program which can integrate with your neuromodulation or psychotherapy program. The app is suited to clients undergoing therapy and counselling for ADHD, Depression, General Cognitive Performance, as well as Rehabilitation.

Over 30 exercises covering:
  • Information Processing Speed
    Measures the time required to connect information (e.g. numbers) in a certain task.
  • Attention / Vigilance
    Measures mistakes when identifying target stimuli and ignoring non-target stimuli (inhibition) over an exended period of time.
  • Thinking & Problem Solving (Executive Functions)
    Measures your ability to solve logical problems e.g. logic riddles.
  • Verbal & Visual Learning & Memory
    Perception, retention and recalling verbal and non-verbal stimuli, collected immediately and with a delay after the learning process.
  • Working memory
    Measures the immediate recognition of letter or number sequencing based on learned criteria (calculation, manipulating numbers).
My Brain Training

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Features of the My Brain Training App

Daily Testing

By using the daily test feature you can measure your progress and brain fitness in realtime with the support of your dedicated coach or therapist.

Tailored Training Plan

Maintain and enhance your cognitive performance by following your calendar of personalised exercises.


You and your therapist will track your progress via statistical analysis relative to your baseline.

30 Exercises

Stay stimulated with 30 different exercises backed by research to boost your cognitive performance.

High Scores

Motivate your training by seeing how your scores compare to others.


Collect rewards for reaching your goals and improving your daily score.

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Offer available through neuroCare Clinics Australia to support clients who are self-isolating during the Coronavirus outbreak.

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