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neuroCare Clinics Australia operates multi-disciplinary mental health practices across Sydney and Melbourne. Our clinical model is based off the work of Dr Martijn Arns of the first neuroCare Clinic which was founded in The Netherlands in 2001 (under the name Brainclinics). We are part of the neuroCare Group which is growing a network of clinics worldwide, specialized in evidence-based, medication-free alternatives to treating Depression, ADHD, OCD, (co-morbid) Sleep Disorders.We also offer cognitive enhancement programs for athletes and professionals.

Key People

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Head Neuroscientist, neuroCare Australia

Dr Trevor Brown

Trevor completed his Ph.D in Cognitive Neuroscience, entitled “QEEG, ERP, source localisation and Neurofeedback with Elite Table Tennis Players’” He had particular interest in this topic having been an Olympic Table Tennis athlete himself in Athens, 2004 and represented Australia internationally for over 10 years. Trevor’s role with the neuroCare Group extends to the Training and Science division, neuroCademy, where he participates in various research projects and is a presenter in professional training workshops focused on the application of rTMS and Neurofeedback.

Trevor is based in Melbourne.

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Psychiatrist & Clinical Director

Dr Mark Ryan

Mark is a Psychiatrist and neuroCare Australia’s Clinical Director. Mark has profound insights into the role of Sleep and its relation to mental health and has experienced in a range of innovative, sustainable and evidence-based neuromodulation therapies (e.g. TMS, Neurofeedback) to treat patients who are looking for a different approach to improving their mental health. Mark has been involved in a range of speaking events and is passionate about addressing the “big elephant in the room“ in mental healthcare, i.e. SLEEP.

Mark is based in Sydney.

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Chief Scientific Advisor

Dr. Martijn Arns

Martijn Arns is a world-leading expert in neuromodulation therapies for mental health. He founded the first neuroCare Clinic (formerly Brainclinics) in The Netherlands in the early 2000’s. HE and his team were the first to offer breakthrough depression therapy, TMS in an outpatient setting in Europe, and pioneered the evidence-based for proven Neurofeedback techniques. Together with his independent research team (Brainclinics Research) Dr Arns upholds the scientific rigor of all protocols and therapy programs endorsed by the ‘Group’.

Dr Martijn Arns is based in Nijmegen (The Netherlands) and will be visiting Australia in August 2019

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neuroCare Founder & Executive Chairman

Thomas Mechtersheimer

Tom is a passionate leader with key experience in building global start-ups in the healthcare space, previously directing renal health company Fresenius Medical Care. Tom has deep experience in starting up markets from scratch, building successful teams and global ventures. His profound track record and his passion for leadership enable him to unlock the potential of innovations. Tom founded the neuroCare Group in 2015 which has since grown in presence across Germany, The Netherlands, United States as well as in Australia.

Tom is based in Munich (Germany) and Sydney.

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