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Help for Depression & OCD

Outpatient TMS combined with Psychotherapy

TMS is recommended for people with Depression who do not respond to anti-depressant medications. At neuroCare we combine this technique with Psychotherapy which, in our research and experience, is shown to have longer-lasting effects (Donse et al. 2017).

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Help for concentration, behaviour (ADHD) and sleep

QEEG informed Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback is a well-researched and non-invasive training method to improve inattention, hyperactivity and sleep problems, allowing a person to self-regulate and influence brain activity to more appropriate behaviour. Suited for children (6 years +), adolescents and adults.

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Talking through it


Psychotherapy (e.g. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is a well-known and evidence-based technique to help people with a range of mental health concerns and also is also proven to enhance the effects of other device-assisted neuromodulation therapies such as TMS and Neurofeedback.

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Safe, non-invasive, medication-free

Programs for Children & Adolescents

neuroCare Clinics are experienced in offering a range of therapy programs for children as young as 3 years presenting with ADHD or ADD, learning or behavioural disorders, speech and language delay, dyslexia, autism spectrum disorder, developmental delay and sleep problems.

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