Health Coaching

Health and wellbeing coaching has been shown to help prevent and manage chronic conditions, as well as help people to reach their full potential.

neurocare’s Health Coaching program combines evidence-based behaviour change interventions with techniques from traditional philosophies, positive psychology, and athletic and performance coaching.

How Health Coaching Works

One in two Australians has at least one chronic disease1, which negatively impacts on their health, wellbeing, everyday functioning, and overall quality of life.

Our behaviour and environment are significant contributors to chronic conditions2. This means we have the power to support and optimise our mental and physical wellbeing by focusing on things that we can control, like our behaviour and thinking habits. However, change is not easy, this is where our health coaches come in.

Health Coaching at neurocare

At neurocare we believe in a holistic approach which considers not only physical health, but also cognitive and emotional wellbeing.

Our process beings with a thorough assessment of our clients physical and mental health, as well as their environment and habits. Using these results as a basis, our coaches work with individuals to develop a personalised program that integrates a bottom-up approach (working with feelings, sensations, and bodily experiences) with top-down techniques (mindset strategies to support psychological and behavioural change).

Health Coaching

Benefits of Health Coaching

Better physical health:

  • Improved health outcomes for individuals with chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer3
  • Improved ability to manage chronic pain and decreased pain intensity3
  • Reduced expenditure on healthcare4

Better mental health:

  • Improved mental health and psychological wellbeing5
  • Reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression6
  • Better behavioural, psychological, and social outcomes7

Improved lifestyle:

  • Improved behaviours around nutrition, physical activity, and weight management8
  • Greater ability and confidence to make fundamental behavioural changes9

Improved professional performance:

  • Greater job satisfaction, productivity, and work-life balance10
  • Improved cognitive performance, decision-making ability, and motivation11

Who Health Coaching helps

neurocare’s Health Coaching program benefits individuals who:

  • Live with chronic conditions such as autoimmune diseases, diabetes, or hypertension
  • Feel stressed and overwhelmed with their work/life balance and are faced with chronic health issues such as poor sleep, lack of focus/concentration, gut issues
  • Want support handling major life setbacks and transitions including debilitating episodes of stress or burnout
  • Are seeking support and accountability in building healthy lifestyle fundamentals (including areas such as nutrition, sleep, mindset, movement, exercise, and stress management)
  • Want to improve their cognitive performance and self-regulation
  • Have completed a neuromodulation or therapy program and want additional support to implement sustainable healthy habits in their everyday life

Health Coaching

neurocare’s Health Coaching services

At neurocare we believe that everything is interconnected, and our aim is to support the body and mind’s resilience and ultimately improve vitality, wellbeing, and performance.

We meet you wherever you are on your wellness journey.

Just beginning your Health Coaching Journey?

  • Introductory Health and Wellness Appraisal
Introductory Health and Wellness Appraisal

If you are at the start of your journey or you’d like to learn more about how Health Coaching could benefit you, we recommend a customised Health & Wellness Appraisal. This is an introductory package that consists of:

  1. Health and wellness self-assessment – A set of online questionnaires that identify key underlying issues and raise awareness of unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaviour. The assessment process is self-paced and can be completed wherever and whenever suits you.
  2. Online clinical consultation – A one-on-one feedback session with a neurocare Health Coach where you will receive your assessment results, along with personalised feedback on root causes to any health and lifestyle challenges you are facing.
  3. Personalised Health & Wellness recommendations – Following the consultation, your coach will provide you with a summary of your results, as well as individualised recommendations on how to improve your wellbeing and performance.

neurocare offers both targeted self-assessments focusing on specific concerns (Stress & Burnout, Sleep & Fatigue, and General Wellbeing) as well as a combined package which takes a holistic look at all areas of your environment and lifestyle.

Want to achieve a longer term goal?

  • Integrative Personalised Health Coaching
Integrative Personalised Health Coaching

Our Health Coaching service is a client-centred approach to support you on your long-term health journey. Your initial consultation will explore any current challenges and perform a thorough assessment of environmental and lifestyle factors including nutrition, gut health, sleep, movement and exercise, mindfulness, stress management, and social connection.

From there your coach will work with you to identify key goals and develop a customised program that supports you to achieve your goals.

Our coaching model is based on educating and empowering our clients with mind-body practices and tools to self-regulate and enhance wellbeing. It also supports the principles of Functional Medicine, which look at the root causes of a health challenge and the possible measures available to manage and/or prevent chronic symptoms, reduce systemic inflammation, and support performance.

Meet our Health Coaching team

Health Coaching

Integrative Health Coach

Marissa Downes

MSc, Trauma Informed Coaching, Breathwork

Marissa has worked with New Zealand and Australian Olympic Teams. She has an interest in helping clients better understand themselves while developing agency over their wellbeing and performance.

View Profile
Health Coaching

Board Certified Functional Health Coach

Lana Buettner

Functional Health Coach, A-CFHC; AIP Certified Coach

Lana Buettner is part of the global team at neurocare clinics, bringing experience in health coaching and driving the neurocare coaching and performance services.

View Profile

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does health coaching work?
How does health coaching work?

Coaching is a client-centred and personalised approach to support you on your health journey.

After an in-depth first session reviewing your current health challenge, your vision and long-term goals, our coach guides you to address lifestyle changes that support your health and performance, and help you manage any chronic conditions.

Each session is focused on the goal/desired outcome you want to address, looking at your motivations for change, the benefits, possible challenges, internal and external resources needed and next action steps.

  • Who can benefit from working with a health coach?
Who can benefit from working with a health coach?

At neurocare, our coaching is focused on promoting health (cognitive performance, focus and self-regulation) as well as helping to prevent and manage chronic conditions (autoimmune conditions, burnout, stress management, sleep issues, metabolic syndrome) that impact your mental and physical wellbeing.

We meet you where you are on your journey and follow an individualised approach to best serve you, whether you want only health coaching or could also benefit from further services offered by our clinicians.

  • How can health coaching integrate with my neurocare program?
How can health coaching integrate with my neurocare program?

Coaching can be offered as an additional layer of support within our established neurocare programs. For example, it may be recommended after a neuromodulation program, as follow up to support further lifestyle changes.

Coaching can also be offered in parallel to your neurocare program, with your coach and your therapist working together to best support you and address the factors which might impact your mental health and performance.

  • How long do clients typically work with a health coach?
How long do clients typically work with a health coach?

The length of a Health Coaching program depends on your goals and current health situation. You may only want and need a few sessions, or you may benefit from a longer period of support over several months.

In your initial assessment, your coach will work with you to identify the goals and outcomes you would like to achieve from Coaching and suggest a timeframe to achieve these.

  • Do you offer remote or telehealth options?
Do you offer remote or telehealth options?

Yes! Our health coaches also offer sessions remotely. We’re happy to adapt our services to the coaching approach that suits you.

Ready to get started?

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