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Clinical Neuropsychologist

Steven Wickens

B.Sci (Psych and Psychophys.) B. Sci (Hons), M.Psych (Clinical Neuropsychology),
Steven Wickens



Listen And Learn Centre, BalwynneuroCare East Melbourne

Operating between both Balwyn and East Melbourne Clinics in Melbourne, Steven conducts assessments and oversees treatment programs for clients with ADHD, Depression, OCD and sleep disorders.

Steven is a registered psychologist with postgraduate training in clinical neuropsychology and has experience in conducting psychological and cognitive assessments. He has extensive experience in the analysis and interpretation of EEG and psychometric data in a clinical setting. Steven regularly sees clients looking for help with ADHD, Depression, OCD  and co-existing sleep problems and offers a thorough understanding and interpretation of the relationship between neurophysiological data and psychological measures.

Steven is experienced in delivering evidence-based neuromodulation therapies such as Neurofeedback for ADHD and sleep problems as well as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) for Depression and /or OCD symptoms. These are delivered as intensive therapy programs, with thorough monitoring of patient progress. These methods are incorporated with counselling techniques and talk-therapy.

Within his role in neuroCare Clinics, Steven endeavours to incorporate research and scientific input in his diagnostic decision making. In doing so, he hopes to achieve optimal treatment outcomes for individuals with consideration for the limitations and challenges faced. He strives to provide a professional, compassionate and open-minded approach to assisting those struggling with their mental health.

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