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Lana Buettner

Functional Health Coach, A-CFHC; AIP Certified Coach
Lana Buettner


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Lana Buettner joins the global team at neurocare clinics, bringing experience in health coaching and driving the neurocare coaching and performance services globally.

As a Functional Health Coach, Lana takes on a functional approach to guide her clients on their health journey, focusing on behaviour change and lifestyle factors to manage various chronic conditions and support performance. Through coaching, clients become empowered about their next steps to address their mental and physical health, focusing on what they can control in the areas of nutrition, sleep, movement and exercise, mindfulness, stress management and other environmental triggers.

While playing competitive tennis as a college student-athlete in the U.S, Lana was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, which had a big impact on her mental and physical health. That’s when she started making lifestyle changes, looking at the root causes of her condition by addressing imbalances, systemic inflammation and following functional medicine treatment protocols. With her insights and knowledge, Lana decided to pursue a career in health coaching to help others.  Additionally, she obtained the AIP certification to better support her clients with autoimmune conditions.

With experience as an avid athlete and holding a corporate business position for several years, Lana is passionate about the areas of physical and cognitive performance.

Lana has obtained her coaching accreditations from the Kresser Institute and Autoimmune Wellness LLC.

Lana offers 1:1 coaching (virtually and in-person) in English, French and German, and she works closely with the clinical teams at neurocare to offer complementary care services and follow-up with clients.

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