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Meet the team

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Psychologist & Clinical Director

Martha Mack

B.B.Sc., Grad. Dip. Coun., MAPS, MANSA, BCN
Honorary Fellow – Melbourne Graduate School of Education (University of Melbourne)

Martha Mack is a registered psychologist who has been practising since 1991. She founded the Listen And Learn Centre in 2001.

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Dr. Schuyler Tan


Dr. Schuyler Tan is a general psychiatrist with a holistic approach to mental health, utilizing both pharmacological and psychological approaches where appropriate.

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Ryan Morgan

BAPsych&Econ, PGDipPsych, PGDipNutriMed, PGCertMentalHlth (Child & Adoles), CertClinHypnosis

Ryan Morgan is a registered psychologist with post-graduate training in child and adolescent mental illness, neuromodulation, clinical hypnosis and nutritional medicine for mental health.

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Senior Neuroscientist

Dr. Trevor Brown

B.A. Hons, PhD, University of New England, QEEGD

Trevor is a Senior Neuroscientist with the neuroCare Group, at the Listen And Learn Centre and at the East Melbourne clinic.

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Steven Wickens

B. Sc (Psychology & Psychophysiology), B. Sc (Hons), M. Psych (Clin Neuropsych), MAPS

Steven is a registered psychologist with postgraduate training in clinical neuropsychology and experience in conducting psychological and cognitive assessments.

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Services at neuroCare East Melbourne

How we can help


Standard Psychological Assessment

Depending on the feelings, moods and symptoms you are experiencing, your case manager will go through various standardized questionnaires so that we can have a first measure of how you are feeling. This will also help us to track your progress later on.

Sleep Assessments

This is where we give you an ‘Actigraphy’ wrist-band to wear for 7 days, to measure sleep/wake patters, and blue light in your surroundings which may or may not be impacting your quality and duration of sleep. With this tool, we can educate you on what you can do in your daily life to improve your sleep hygiene.

QEEG Assessments

Pronounced like “kyew-ee-ee-gee, this standards for Quantitative Electroencephalography (EEG) and allows us to have a look at your brain activity. This is a perfectly safe assessment, where we put a cap of electrodes on your head to measure brain activity while you complete tasks on a computer. This assessment lasts between 1 to 2 hours and is usually only a one-off assessment in the beginning.

Therapy Types

Psychological Consult

Pyschologists and Clinical Psychologists are trained and experienced to deliver ‘talk-therapy’ or ‘Psychotherapy“. There are a number of different styles of Psychotherapy, a common method is “Cognitive Behavioural Therapy“. This is something our Psychologists offer as a stand-alone consultation, or in combination with TMS or Neurofeedback.

Psychiatric Consult

Our Psychiatrists work onsite, particularly to help patients with managing medications or who require specialist support. A Psychiatrist can also work in conjunction with a Psychologist, helping to manage a patient’s therapy program.

Outpatient TMS + Psychotherapy

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is an evidence-based therapy program which helps to re-connect pathways between brain regions involved in Depression. Patients may receive 20 – 30 sessions of TMS, These sessions are booked as a 1 hour consultation as it is combined with Psychotherapy. It is recommended to have at least two sessions per week during the program.

Neurofeedback + Psychotherapy

At neuroCare we follow evidence-based applications of Neurofeedback that have been well-researched and shown effective in helping symptoms of ADHD as well as sleep problems. Patients may receive 30 – 40 sessions of Neurofeedback, These sessions are booked as a 1 hour consultation as it is combined with Psychotherapy. It is recommended to have at least two sessions per week during the program.

Getting to the clinic

Find us


This clinic is located on the 8th floor at 372 Albert St, in East Melbourne. It is a short walk from the St Vincent’s Private Hospital Precinct.

Public Transport

The closest Metro station is Parliament, a 10 minute walk to the clinic. There are several Tramstops nearby, including “12-St Vincent’s Plaza-Victoria Pde” or “11-Albert St, Gisborne St”. Tram services 12, 30, 109 go past these stops.  To plan your journey, try the CityMapper app.


Casual Parking can be found at St Vincent’s Hospital on Victoria Parade.


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