Speech Pathologist / 言语治疗师墨尔本

Nicolette Choo

BBiomed, MSpeechPath, CPSP
Nicolette Choo


09:00 – 5:00
09:00 – 5:00

neuroCare Listen And Learn Centre
Level 1, 66 Whitehorse Rd
Balwyn VIC 3103

T: 03 9816 8811

E: [email protected]

Nicolette is a compassionate and family-centred Speech Pathologist who can help patients in both English and Mandarin.

Nicolette is a compassionate and family-centred Speech Pathologist working with neuroCare Listen And Learn Centre in Balwyn.

Nicolette attended the University of Melbourne where she attained a Masters of Speech Pathology. She has experience in the field of speech pathology working in both Private Allied Health practices as well as across Schools and Rehabilitation Hospitals.

Underpinning Nicolette’s work as a Speech Pathologist is the belief that all clients have the right to be able to communicate. She has a passion for working with children and empowering her clients to overcome and manage their communication difficulties to improve their quality of life.

Nicolette’s approach is family-centred, and she uses evidence-based best practice interventions, individualising the therapy to the client’s needs. Often a barrier to therapy is children not willing to cooperate during sessions or not being motivated to attend therapy. Nicolette overcomes this by spending time getting to know the child and their likes and dislikes, building rapport in order to create productive and enjoyable experiences for children and their families.

Since Nicolette first started at the neuroCare Listen and Learn Centre, she has seen numerous positive communication outcomes from neuromodulation therapies (Auditory Training Program, Neurofeedback) for clients with speech and language difficulties.  She works with families to find the most suitable therapy.

Nicolette是一位充满热情的儿童语言治疗师。她毕业于墨尔本大学(2018)并荣获了语言病理学硕士。她有丰富的儿童临床经验,也曾在当地学校和医院当过语言治疗师, 目前在两家私人诊所工作。Nicolette 的专长在于治疗儿童英文语言和语音的发展,更对于多元且复杂的语言语音障碍有深入的了解。

身为语言治疗师,Nicolette 坚信每一位患者拥有与别人沟通,表现自主意见的权力。Nicolette采用周全循证以及目前最有效的语言治疗方式,帮助她的每一位患者达到他们期许的目标,并且找到最适合他们的沟通方式。在治疗期间,Nicolette喜欢用好玩和有趣的治疗方式让儿童快乐地达成目标,同时也不忽略了儿童与家长在治疗过程中有个愉快的时光。

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