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Program Facilitator

Hamish Binnie

BSc, BHSc(Hons)
Hamish Binnie


9.00am – 1.00pm

Listen And Learn Centre, Balwyn

Hamish studied Psychology and Psychophysiology, and holds a Bachelors of Health Science with Honours. He is a Neurofeedback technician at neuroCare’s Listen And Learn Centre in Melbourne and facilitates a range of neuromodulation assisted programs.

With experience and interest in neuroscience, Hamish joined the Listen And Learn centre (now part of neuroCare Group) in 2016. Hamish has become a core part of the team, facilitating Neurofeedback, Auditory Training Programs and administers Sleep and QEEG assessments. He receives regular training in neuromodulation protocols of the neuroCare Group and has a strong understanding of technical requirements and quality assurance in the programs offered.

He is experienced working with adults as well as children from 6 years and up, helping a range of issues, including sleep disorders, ADHD, ADD and oppositional defiance disorder. Working closely with the client, Hamish believes it is important to convey the process of the treatment, educating the client on how some of their symptoms may be explained by sleep and other neurophysiological patterns which can help to sustain positive changes well into the future.

Hamish finds it rewarding to be able to combine his knowledge and interest for neuroscience at the same time as helping clients achieve their unfulfilled potential. He has strong interpersonal skills, technical knowledge and is flexible and easy-going.

When it comes to new and evidence-based neuromodulation techniques, Hamish looks to help the client with practical information, insight and assistance so that they can make informed decisions about the programs as compared to more mainstream interventions for mental health and learning problems.

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