Brain Health Neuroscreening

Intelligent brain health technology that provides early and accurate diagnosis of neurological conditions or injuries. Neuroscreening provides insights that enable neurocare to develop a personalised management plan, supporting your recovery every step of the way.

Brain health neuroscreening combines evidence-based technology with expert assessment and treatment to accurately diagnose neural injuries, diseases, or disorders, and develop a personalised rehabilitation or ongoing management plan.

How it works

The process uses VR (Virtual Reality) technology, developed by our partner Neuroflex, to provide scientifically validated and precise measurements of your brain function. This involves testing your head movement and eye-tracking reflexes to visual stimuli (known as your oculomotor response), enabling us to identify any weaknesses or developmental issues.

Oculomotor function is not only a reflection of brain health but also critical in ensuring your capacity to safely navigate your environment. This is particularly the case when you are moving at high speeds such as while participating in sports.

Testing results are analysed by our clinicians, enabling them to:

Identify and diagnose “outliers” that are scientifically linked to brain injuries and neurological disorders

Longitudinally track your brain health over time to pinpoint changes resulting from head injuries or mental deterioration

Assess the status of your brain health and develop a targeted treatment or rehabilitation plan

The testing process

Testing requires you to perform eight minutes of eye-tracking and head movement activities while wearing a set of VR goggles. Each activity measures a set of scientifically validated ocular motor functions which are recorded by the headset and analysed. These establish a longitudinal record of brain health and provide objective data on your individual oculomotor responses.

Findings are reviewed by your clinician and compared with the standard population taking into account your age, medical history, and personal circumstances. The data enables your clinician to identify visual tracking deficiencies and potential linkages to specific neurological disorders, so they can make an evidence-based diagnosis and provide a higher standard of care.

Brain health neuroscreening

Benefits of brain health neuroscreening

  • Objective, quantitative measurements
Objective, quantitative measurements

Objective, quantitative measurements

Traditionally diagnosis of neurological problems or injuries has been based on either neurological and cognitive examination or expensive imaging tests. While this information can be vital to proper care, it is prone to misdiagnosis.

In the case of neurological and cognitive examination, self-reported symptoms are subjective, changing on any given day and testing can lose accuracy over time. More specialist imaging tests (such as an MRI) will identify structural damage, however, are not effective in picking up neurodegenerative conditions where the markers are subtle and often equivocal, nor injuries such as concussion and post-concussion syndrome, where cases may not involve any structural damage.

Our neuroscreening technology (developed by our partner NeuroFlex) is unique in that it provides definitive measurements of brain function and health. Breakthrough algorithms allow our clinicians to interpret eye and head movements more accurately than ever before allowing an objective diagnosis and providing you with a higher standard of care.

  • Personalised treatment plans
Personalised treatment plans

Personalised treatment plans

Longitudinal tracking means your clinician can adjust your treatment protocols in response to your recovery using real time data from your own brain. This enables us to develop completely flexible, personalised treatments that deliver better clinical outcomes and shorter recovery timelines.

  • Short- and long-term recovery tracking
Short- and long-term recovery tracking

Short- and long-term recovery tracking

With brain health neuroscreening, neurocare can measure and assess the effect of treatments and rehabilitation exactly and observe effects in real time. Because the process measures pure reflexes, it doesn’t lose accuracy or sensitivity over time, so our clinicians can assess and manage long term symptoms, tracking your progress every step of the way.

  • Scientifically backed results
Scientifically backed results

Scientifically backed results

neurocare uses the latest brain health neuroscreening technology developed by our partner, Neuroflex. It is based on over 30 years of research in eye and head movement analysis.

This is integrated with a set of formal treatment protocols. Each stage in our program is based on peer reviewed research and individually mapped to a literature base, so you can be confident that our reports and recommendations are backed by expertise.


Brain health neuroscreening for concussion

neurocare’s neuroscreening for concussion is an integrated end-to-end program for the clinical diagnosis and management of sporting incidents involving a potential brain injury.

Developed in partnership between neurocare and Neuroflex, a global leader in eye and head movement technology, the program uses advanced VR (Virtual Reality) neuroscreening technology to localise and measure the impact of head injuries. Results are combined with expert assessment and treatment, to accurately diagnose if a concussion is present, and develop a personalised rehabilitation plan.

We currently work with individual athletes, as well as a number of schools and sporting clubs to deliver best practice care and the best possible clinical outcomes for individuals.

Take a look at our Concussion & Head Injuries page for a full overview of the process, as well as resources on the symptoms and potential complications of concussion.

Brain health neuroscreening is available in all our clinics

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