Actigraphy Sleep Assessments

Monitoring Blue Light Exposure and Sleep / Wake Behaviours

Why is it important?

Whether a client reports a sleep problem or not, an Actigraphy assessment gives the therapist more insight into presenting symptoms. Smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, LED and fluorescent lamps give off blue light which the human body more naturally needs during daylight hours. Overexposure to blue spectrum light in the evenings and especially before bedtime, stops our bodies from releasing sleep-inducing melatonin. This can have a big effect on our quality of sleep and duration of sleep. When we do not have good sleep this can affect our mood and attention.

What does Actigraphy show?

The chart to the right shows an example of Actigraphy data over 7 days. It visualizes a sleep patterns, activity level as well as blue spectrum light in the person’s surroundings. It indicates whether sleep times are consistent or disturbed due to other factors, such as blue light or activity levels. We particularly look at blue light exposure just before going to sleep.

What to do when you get your wristband


Wearing the wristband

You can wear your wristband as soon as your are given it and it will start measuring your activity, temperature and light surroundings straight away. The device is water-resistant but please do not submerge it under water. Take it off before bathing or swimming.

If you feel you need to take it off for an activity this is okay, but it’s important you wear it as much as possible and especially while you are sleeping.


Please try to remember to press the blue button on the wristband when you go to bed and when you get up out of bed (the button will beep if it is pressed correctly.)

NOTE: The button is not an ON/OFF function, that wristband is always ON

Completing your Sleep / Wake Diary

So that we can better analyse the data of the wristband, we will ask you to fill in a simple Sleep/Wake diary over the 7 days, to let us knowother details about your routine (e.g. when you have caffeine, alcohol, medications etc.)

Not sure if this is the right approach for you or a loved one?

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