What happens in a TMS therapy session?

March 15, 2022 by neurocare group

At neurocare our clinics and technology are states of the art.  Our clinics have been designed with your comfort in mind.

When you come for TMS therapy you can expect to be greeted by our service team on arrival, with a comfortable wait area to relax in before your appointment.

Your therapist will then take you into the TMS treatment room.  To prepare you for your personalised program, the therapist will seat you in a comfortable recliner chair.

The therapist will then prepare the TMS system. This includes positioning the TMS coil over your forehead, in order to deliver a light pulse of stimulation to brain regions involved in the regulation of mood. Once the stimulation begins, you may experience a tapping or twitching sensation on the scalp, but TMS is otherwise painless and free of side effects.   This stimulation is very focused.

At neurocare, we combine your TMS sessions with talk therapy. Our combined approach maximises the brain’s natural ability for change and recovery, with over two-thirds of individuals experiencing long-term positive effects.

Treatment sessions are held at least twice per week.  Sessions can also be completed daily, making TMS an effective, fast-working program.

A typical TMS session lasts 50 minutes, including 20 minutes of stimulation, and antidepressant effects may be noticed within the first 5 sessions.

An average of 20-30 TMS sessions are usually needed to experience the full antidepressant effects.

Medicare rebates for TMS are now available for eligible patients who have not responded to other treatments for depression.

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Donse L, Padberg F, Sack AT, Rush AJ, Arns M. Simultaneous rTMS and psychotherapy in major depressive disorder: Clinical outcomes and predictors from a large naturalistic study. Brain Stimulation. 2018;11(2):337-345. doi: 10.1016/j.brs.2017.11.004.

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