‘ADHD Heroes’ conquer Sydney’s famous City2Surf run

30 August 2017 by neurocare group
This year neuroCare was the proud sponsor of the ADHD Heroes team, entered by ‘ADDults with ADHD,’ a charity dedicated to improving the lives of adults and families dealing with ADHD.

On Sunday, August 13, the ADHD Heroes Team took part in the 2017 Westpac City2Surf event in Sydney. The team joined over 75,000 at the starting line in Sydney’s Hyde Park, walking or running the amazing 14km scenic course from Sydney’s CBD to the iconic Bondi Beach.

neuroCare proudly sponsored the team this year and provided the shirts to promote their cause.

The ADHD Heroes team was formed six months ago by nine dedicated supporters of the ADDults with ADHD. Their aim is to raise $10,000 to ensure continued support services to people living with ADHD.  Most team members have benefited from the organisation’s support. They were joined by a number of volunteers happy to fundraise for the ADHD Centre ™, an initiative of  ADDults with ADHD, that provides support such as The ADHD Helpline and free ADHD Fact Sheets.

With more than $3500 raised so far, more donations are needed to reach their goal.

If you know the impact ADHD can have on family members and loved ones, consider making a donation to this excellent group of volunteers by clicking here.

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