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Our clinical staff are trained by leading researchers, worldwide, in evidence-based neuromodulation therapies for mental health

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We only promote evidence-based applications of TMS and Neurofeedback, always combined with professional talk-therapy

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We are experienced in helping patients who have not been helped by traditional medication management, for their mental health.

Our Approach

Now in Australia

Founded in The Netherlands in 2001, neuroCare delivers its services all over the world with clinics now open across Sydney and Melbourne

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Talking through it


Psychotherapy, e.g. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, is a common and proven technique to help you achieve lasting mental wellness, and can be a beneficial first step on the road to recovery. When combined, studies show it can also enhance the effects of other therapies (i.e. TMS, Neurofeedback).

Help for Depression & OCD

Outpatient TMS

TMS is recommended for people with Depression who do not respond to anti-depressant medications. At neuroCare we combine this technique with Psychotherapy which, in our research and experience, is shown to have longer-lasting effects (Donse et al. 2017).

For ADHD and Sleep Problems


Neurofeedback is a non-invasive way to train your brain activity to help with concentration and behaviour. We will only perform Neurofeedback with proven techniques and technologies, based on scientific evidence.



Founded in the Netherlands in 2001, neuroCare has been promoting evidence-based neuromodulation in mental health in its growing network of clinics


Clinics worldwide

neuroCare operates 13 clinics worldwide, in four countries, including The Netherlands, Germany, the United States with 4 clinics now across Sydney and Melbourne.


Research Papers

Our global research and training team have published more than 150 scientific studies combined. Assessment methodologies and therapy programs used at neuroCare are based on countless scientific evidence for its positive effects on mental health

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Our therapy programs are based on well-researched and proven methodologies for the areas of Depression and ADHD.

*referring to Donse et al. 2017 and Arns et al. 2012 respectively.


Personalising Mental Healthcare since 2001, using state-of-the-art neuromodulation to help children, adults and their families achieve lasting mental wellness.

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