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At neurocare, we adopt cutting-edge therapeutics to offer personalised mental health and performance programs for clients of all ages.  Central to our approach is the principle of neuroplasticity; that with targeted support we can harness our brain’s innate ability to change and ‘rewire’.

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For children through to adults with ADHD

Neurofeedback brain training programs

Find out how Neurofeedback can offer long-lasting benefits in children and adults. Neurofeedback works to lift concentration and attention, enhance sleep and improve overall ADHD symptoms.

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For you or a loved one with depression

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

TMS is a non-invasive neurostimulation technique which offers relief from the symptoms of treatment-resistant depression and OCD. This is a short-term treatment program with clinically proven long-term positive effects in 66% of patients (Donse et al. 2017). For the majority of patients anti-depressant effects are noticed within 6 weeks.

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For healthcare professionals

Referral information & resources

Do you have a patient who needs a diagnostic assessment or who has not benefited from traditional forms of treatment for conditions such as ADHD, depression, anxiety, OCD or co-morbid sleep disorder? Download referral forms, complimentary practice resources and find out more about our unique programs.

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What is neuromodulation?

When we talk about neuromodulation, we are referring to a process which boosts or reduces the activity of the nervous system for the treatment of mood, attention, anxiety and /or sleep disorders. In our clinics we offer the latest device-assisted interventions, such as Neurofeedback or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, for clients who are seeking a long-term solution to managing their mental health.

Our programs combine these advanced technologies with psychotherapy (’talk therapy’’) to help boost the brain’s natural ability to modify how it functions through learning and training.

Our programs are completely safe and scientifically proven to provide long-term benefits. They are also medication free.

Our Programs

Sam’s Story

Sam was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 22 years old. During high school and university, Sam struggled with an inability to focus that seriously affected his studies. He wanted to find ADHD treatment solution that could offer long-term improvement, without adverse side-effects. Eventually Sam found out about neurofeedback through the expert team at neurocare clinics Australia.

In the space of only a few months, Sam’s inattention levels dropped to below the diagnosis for ADHD. He has now successfully completed his studies and is a Graduate Lawyer. Take a look at his story.



Founded in the Netherlands in 2001, neurocare has been pioneering evidence-based neuromodulation for mental health in its growing network of clinics for over 20 years.


Clinics worldwide

neurocare operates 18 clinics worldwide, including The Netherlands, Italy, the United States and now clinics across Sydney and Melbourne.


Research Papers

Our global research and training team have published more than 150 scientific studies. neurocare’s assessment methodologies and therapy programs are based on rigorous scientific evidence demonstrating their positive effects on mental health.

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Our therapy programs are based on well-researched and proven methodologies for the areas of Depression and ADHD.

Sources: Donse et al. 2017, Arns et al. 2012.

We integrate leading research, digital therapeutics, physical devices, clinics, and professional education to offer the most comprehensive mental health solutions to patients, therapists and the research community.

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